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The manteinance works of Mosul Dam
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport - Venice Water Authority - through the concessionary Consorzio Venezia Nuova, drew up the plans for this restoration. Trevi has been involved in the technological design and execution of all the specialized work.
- Innovation is more than technology: it's a mindset, a way of being, thinking and facing situations
- Our link to the earth is born with the man, for the man
- The strength of our roots is in the value of each person, team spirit, commitment, taste fo challenges and the willingness to construct something that will leave a mark on history forever
- To us consolidating means strengthening, compacting, preparing the ground for new projects aimed at improving people's lives
Historia, conocimientos especializados e innovación

Raíces bien plantadas: Davide Trevisani las sembró en 1957 en Cesena (Italia).
Desde entonces, el crecimiento continuo de la empresa ha sido respaldado por un intercambio continuo entre innovación tecnológica y de procesos, lo que fortaleció el liderazgo de la empresa en los sectores de referencia y creó nuevas oportunidades.

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