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The manteinance works of Mosul Dam

Copenhagen residents have witnessed a large fleet of Soilmec drill rigs, cranes and hydromills wedged in between residences and historic buildings throughout the heart of the city. As shown in the video, the equipment played a critical role in the construction of the new metro line. The Cityringen is the new underground line that will link the whole of the centre of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. Once the work is completed, there will be 17 stations, alla underground, 4 service shafts, a command centre and a train depot; the total length of the line is about 15 kilometres. Once again on this project, Trevi has maintained high quality control standards, establishing an excellent relationship of trust with both the client and the main contractor.


- Innovation is more than technology: it's a mindset, a way of being, thinking and facing situations
- Our link to the earth is born with the man, for the man
- The strength of our roots is in the value of each person, team spirit, commitment, taste fo challenges and the willingness to construct something that will leave a mark on history forever
- To us consolidating means strengthening, compacting, preparing the ground for new projects aimed at improving people's lives
Historia, conocimientos especializados e innovación

Raíces bien plantadas: Davide Trevisani las sembró en 1957 en Cesena (Italia).
Desde entonces, el crecimiento continuo de la empresa ha sido respaldado por un intercambio continuo entre innovación tecnológica y de procesos, lo que fortaleció el liderazgo de la empresa en los sectores de referencia y creó nuevas oportunidades.

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