Number 25, December 2017

Interview from Mosul. Colonel of Bersaglieri Agostino Piccirillo talks about his experience in the military operation underway in Iraq.

Trevi, a year at the Mosul Dam. The interview with the Colonel of the Bersaglieri Corps stationed in Mosul. A journey to the construction sites around the world: USA, Dubai (working on the foundations of the longest indoor ski slope in the world), Colombia, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Australia and Italy.
Soilmec, the new rigs at work in the City of London. The new SR-145 makes its debut in Jakarta. SR-125 for the foundations of the new Platinum Tower in Dubai.
Drillmec, we talk about the innovation Heart of Drilling (HoD). Striker-800™: the Drillmec solution for Shale.
Petreven, inauguration of the Cerro Pabellón plant in Chile. In Peru, 1,000 days without accidents are celebrated.
Trevi Group Academy brings together the Soilmec sales representatives from all over the world.
The latest Social Value projects.


Trevi Group Journal - Number 25 Year 10
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