Number 16, March 2015

Through hardship to the stars

Number 15, December 2014

The meaning of an important and courageus choice to grows

Special Issue - Rosetta Mission - November 2014

Trevi Group, through its company Rodio that developed the design of the special drill rig, collaborated on the futuristic “Rosetta Mission” of the ESA

Number 14, September 2014

Courage grows when we act, fear grows when we defer

Number 13, June 2014

The World Cup: thoughts on football-therapy

Number 12, March 2014

Our "Journal"... doubles!

Number 11, December 2013

From an economic crisis to a social crisis... or vice versa? The answer, small but powerful, is just in oursevels!

Special Issue - Costa Concordia - September 2013

Mission accomplished! The Concordia wreck emerges from the waters of Giglio.

Number 10, June 2013

That sense of responsibility... that ensures the future

Number 9, December 2012

2013 Our strong commitment to Internationalization

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