The Mosul Dam: Trevi/Soilmec machinery and technologies supply

28 Jun 2019

To implement the #MosulDamProject, TREVI chose Soilmec as the provider of all the equipment necessary to execute the drilling and grouting intervention and the monitoring and control instruments: once again the synergy between the experience of Trevi and Soilmec technology have been the key to this project success.

3 mixing plant / 3 impianti di miscelazione
20 batching groutind unit
13 drilling machine / 13 perforatrici idrauliche

The drilling and injection works Drilling and grouting activities (including the result control) have been carried out in part from the grouting gallery and in part from the dam crest. The small dimensions of this horseshoeshaped gallery, 3.7 m high and 3 m wide, made necessary to employ small-size rigs. For this particular kind of intervention Soilmec used SM-5 rigs, while Soilmec SM-16 rigs with long stroke have been employed for surface interventions

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