Mosul Dam
Mosul Dam

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The manteinance works of Mosul Dam
The Mosul Dam. 6 of 6 Trevi spa
Some of the TREVI DAMS rehabilitation PROJECTS
The Mosul Dam. 5 of 6 Trevi spa
Mosul Dam Project... in numbers
The Mosul Dam. 4 of 6 Trevi spa
The Mosul Dam: the video
The Mosul Dam. 3 of 6 Trevi spa
The project and the role of Trevi
The Mosul Dam. 2 of 6 Trevi spa
A brief historical excursus on the dam.
The Mosul Dam. 1 of 6 Trevi spa
In a month, the Trevi Group company will officially complete the works to secure the Iraqi dam.
Trevi, the "Mission Impossible" at the Mosul Dam is almost finished Trevi spa
Mosul Dam Project for Social Progress
Trevi restores the soccer field in Mosul Trevi spa
Great photos of our people
Crew gathering at the spillway area Trevi spa
August 11th, 2017 - The only rule of travel is: don’t come back the way you went. Come back changed. (Anne Carson)
1 Year of Mosul Dam Trevi spa
The works inside the tunnel continue
Work in the dam Trevi spa
The special barge used for underwater inspection activities
Diving operations and inspection Trevi spa
The executives of Trevi Group receive the Italian Minister of Defense
Visit by Minister Pinotti Trevi spa
May 3rd, 2017 - Spillway reopened for the first time since 2005
Spillway of the Mosul dam reopen Trevi spa
NOV 1, 2016 - In recent weeks, an urgent operation was performed to repair the safety floodgate in one of the two bottom outlet tunnel of the dam.
Work in progress in Mosul Dam Trevi spa
MAR 2, 2016 - Trevi Spa, the Trevi Group division specialized in special foundations and ground engineering, signed today the contract for the maintenance and safety of Mosul Dam in Iraq.
Trevi signs the contract for the maintenance works of Mosul Dam Trevi spa
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