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Il 24 ottobre 2019 scorso è stato riaperto al pubblico il ponte Amerigo Vespucci a Firenze, chiuso al traffico da quasi un anno per permettere lo svolgimento dei lavori di messa in sicurezza. La struttura, progettata dall’ingegner Riccardo Morandi, aveva infatti mostrato preoccupanti fenomeni di erosione sotto la pila sinistra del ponte.
LIQUEFACT is a Horizon 2020 project that is fully financed by the EU. A consortium made of 11 partners, 8 universities and 3 private companies, from 6 different countries, suggests a holistic approach to study the efficiency of some mitigation actions that are aimed at improving the community resilience to Earthquake Induced Liquefaction Disasters (EILD). TREVI’s know-how was crucial to the implementation of trials whose final goal was the full scale testing of the two selected technologies: INDUCED PARTIAL SATURATION by pumping air through horizontal well screens HORIZONTAL DRAINS The place chosen to carry out the tests is in the municipality of Pieve di Cento, by the Reno River. The area is characterised by shallow sandy deposits that were strongly affected by liquefaction during the earthquake in Emilia, in 2012.
- Innovation is more than technology: it's a mindset, a way of being, thinking and facing situations
- Our link to the earth is born with the man, for the man
- The strength of our roots is in the value of each person, team spirit, commitment, taste fo challenges and the willingness to construct something that will leave a mark on history forever
- To us consolidating means strengthening, compacting, preparing the ground for new projects aimed at improving people's lives
Historia, conocimientos especializados e innovación

Raíces bien plantadas: Davide Trevisani las sembró en 1957 en Cesena (Italia).
Desde entonces, el crecimiento continuo de la empresa ha sido respaldado por un intercambio continuo entre innovación tecnológica y de procesos, lo que fortaleció el liderazgo de la empresa en los sectores de referencia y creó nuevas oportunidades.

Página principal - Trevi Spa Trevi spa
Página principal - Trevi Spa Trevi spa
Página principal - Trevi Spa Trevi spa
Página principal - Trevi Spa Trevi spa
  • Trevi S.p.A.:

    Via Dismano, 5819
    47522 Cesena - Italia
    Tel. +39.0547.319311
    Fax +39.0547.318542
    correo electrónico

    Capital Social € 32.300.000,00 i.v.
    Cámara de Comercio de Forlì-Cesena
    Número de Identificación Fiscal 00002890408
    Registro mercantile R.E.A. C.C.I.A.A. n° 151636

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