The Grand Paris Express is the largest infrastructure project currently under construction in Europe and, once completed, it will contribute to make Paris even more splendid and enjoyable.

The Project owner is Société du Grand Paris and a total amount of Euro 35 billion are planned for the construction of 200 kilometres of a modern public transport network consisting of the extension of line 14 of the metro and the construction of the new lines 15, 16, 17, 18 for more than 60 new stations. Thanks to the great experience in the underground transportation sector, TREVI, in its quality as deep foundation contractor, is actively involved in the construction project in relation to various contracts for lines 16 and 17.

In particular, it is involved in the construction of the underground stations of Le Bourget Airport, Aulnay and Saint-Denis Pleyel, as well as in a number of TBM launch shafts and intermediate service facilities.

In the video Masterig the Task, you will discover the works carried out by the Trevi staff told directly by the Project Managers' and Jobsite Managers' voices... Enjoy!