Number 26, December 2018

Trevi for a new record bridge in Chile

Number 25, December 2017

Interview from Mosul. Colonel of Bersaglieri Agostino Piccirillo talks about his experience in the military operation underway in Iraq.

Number 24, June 2017

Curiosity and comparison

Number 23, January 2017

The Trevi Group's Alphabet

Number 22, November 2016

The power of Social Media

Number 21, July 2016

Pride and Teamwork

Number 20, April 2016

Mission impossible? ...Aren’t we doing the same every day, in the end?

Number 19, January 2016

The Value of Work

Number 18, October 2015

Let’s not wait for a change... Because the change isn’t waiting for us!

Number 17, June 2015

Strategy and objectives

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