Trevi completes the foundations of the new Santa Giulia Arena in Milan on schedule

15 Sep 2023

Trevi, a division of the Trevi Group, a world leader in soil engineering, has successfully and on schedule completed all the foundation works for the new Santa Giulia Arena, the multi-purpose sports hall designed by British architect David Chipperfield, which will host the men's ice hockey competitions for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan and Cortina.

Trevi was selected by CTS Eventim, the German company and international leader in ticketing and live event organisation, for its 'recognised experience of over 65 years in the foundations, professionalism, and organisational skills'.

Trevi's sustainability work

Trevi's main work involves constructing 883 piles using CFA technology, 340 of which have a diameter of 1000 mm and the remaining 543 a diameter of 1200 mm. The new arena has a marshy terrain; therefore, we have continually excavated under the groundwater level. However, this did not prevent us from completing all the foundation works within the timeframe set by Arup, maintaining high standards of quality, safety and sustainability.

We always pay great attention to sustainability in our operations. At the Santa Giulia site, 100 per cent of the excavated material produced by the excavation works was recovered, thus becoming a product used for road construction and civil work fillings. This reuse was possible after two specialised analysis laboratories verified the absence of pollutants in the waste materials. The entire process made it possible to minimise, if not eliminate, landfill disposal.

Even the equipment used by Trevi for excavation activities, manufactured by the Soilmec Division of the Trevi Group and part of the Blue-tech line, has been designed to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions and contain noise pollution. It is no coincidence that this line of rigs is in great demand in the soil engineering market.

The new 2026 Milan-Cortina Olympics Arena in Santa Giulia was designed by architect David Chipperfield and Arup, one of the world's leading engineering and design firms.