Inauguration of the jobsite for the railway connection of the Venice Marco Polo Airport to the Italian Railway Network (RFI), Mestre-Trieste line

11 Dec 2023

On 11 December 2023,were inaugurated the jobsite for the works for the railway connection from Venice Marco Polo Airport to the Italian Railway Network (RFI), Mestre-Trieste line, which falls within the PNRR.

In fact, thanks to the European Pnrr funds, Italy is making the largest investment in strategic works in its history: approximately 125 billion euros over ten years.

The projects include high-speed rail and "smart roads", but also the renewal or upgrading of subways, ports, airports, water infrastructure and public buildings. This will contribute to providing a positive impulse to the economy and employment, will help in solving problems such as the maintenance of roads and bridges, tackling hydrogeological instability and, consequently, will bring an improvement in the quality of life of citizens.

The project for the railway connection of the Marco Polo Airport in Venice to the Italian Railway Network, Mestre-Trieste line, provides for the above-ground release from the existing network in the direction of the airport with the progressive burying of the new railway line until it is completely buried near the airport, with the construction of a new underground train station right under the airport terminal. This will allow you to reach the airport from Venezia Santa Lucia station (Venice city center) in just 15 minutes.

The intervention sees Trevi S.p.A. at the forefront in the first phase of the works, with the construction of foundation piles to support the junction structures and the construction of retaining walls for burial under the airport structures such as car parks, internal roads, channels and services.

Present at the day for the laying of the "first stone", the Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility Matteo Salvini.