Trevi and its historic contribution to the development of algeria's infrastructures

09 jun. 2022

May 2022

Giuseppe Caselli, CEO of the Trevi Group, took part, last May 25, in the state dinner organized at the Quirinale in honor of the President of the Republic of Algeria, Abdelmadjid Tebboune on an official visit to our country.

The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has in fact extended the invitation to the top management of Italian entrepreneurs who have business and commercial relations with Algeria. And among the main companies that historically operate in the North African Republic there is also the Trevi Group. In fact, since 1995, the Cesena-based company specialized in foundation works has made, and continues to provide, an important contribution to the development of the country's infrastructure. Among the interventions still in progress we point out those relating to the new metro line in Algiers.


November, 2021

The President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella, went on a state visit to Algeria in november 2021.

Among the numerous institutional and courtesy commitments, Mattarella also met the representatives of the Italian business community in Algeria and on the occasion spent a few minutes with the head of Trevi in ​​Algeria. A few seconds to comment on the works that Trevi is currently carrying out in Algeria, first of all the Constantine tunnel and the new section of the Algiers Metro. The meeting took place at the new headquarters of the Algiers embassy. The latter, located in the heart of the hilly neighborhood of El Bia, was restored in June 2021 with the title of the new meeting room to Enrico Mattei, thanks to the sponsorships of Eni and Trevi.


December, 2020

Mr. Di Maio, the italian Foreign Minister, during his mission to Algeria in December 2020, took advantage of the opportunity to visit the Algiers Metro construction site where Trevi Algerie has been involved for over 15 years. It has been paid particular attention to the works carried out by Trevi  on line 1 jobsite in the direction "El Harrach" - "International Airport"where Mr. Di Maio also had the chance to appreciate the quality of the work carried out.

During the meeting, the General Manager of Trevi Algeria, explained the Minister the kind of ground engineering interventions Trevi Algerie can offer and told that the its presence in the Algerian market dates back to the second half of the 90s.