4 Frankfurt: Mastering the Task

FOUR Frankfurt is an imposing project in the financial heart of Frankfurt, which involves the construction of 4 skyscrapers making up a district that will perfectly integrate with the public spaces of the city and its inhabitants.

A brave project that will redefine the skyline of the German economic capital, but which will also keep the memory of the past, incorporating the historic facade of the Deutsche Bank.

Wherever courage and competence are needed, Trevi Spa never fails to bring its contribution.

Thanks to the proven experience in executing the foundations of large infrastructures, Trevi Spa, in close contact with its partners, has been hired to carry out the foundations of these 4 giants that will host more than 600 apartments as well as offices, restaurants, gyms and many others activities.

Visit the FOUR Frankfurt construction site with us, watch Soilmec rigs at work and listen to our technicians as they explain the different stages of the project: enjoy "mastering the task" with us!