Chacao Bridge: a barge to carry out the works offshore

In order to carry out the Chacao Bridge works offshore, the main Contractor Hyundai, provided a 50 x 28 m barge fitted with four long support legs (Jack up) Pioneer III, with a 3,600 t capacity along with a fixed platform, where the Concrete batching plant was located.

The Jack Up barge housed: a 400t service crane provided by the main contractor and the Soilmec SA-40 drilling rig with a 423 kNm torque, capable of drilling up to 4,000 mm wide diameters and mounted on a Soilmec SC-120 crane, plus a 450 m3 Polymer plant for the production and treatment of the drilling polymer mix to stabilize the boreholes. The Vibrohammer PVE 200, provided by Trevi Chile Spa, was also part of the equipment.