Lonato del Garda Tunnel: "Mastering the Task" Video

The new Brescia-Verona High-Speed/High-Capacity railway line is a key project of the Milan-Verona railway link. It is part of the Turin-Trieste line which, in turn, is part of the wider system connecting Spain to the Ukrainian border.

The project, whose implementation has been entrusted to the CEPAV DUE consortium, has been commissioned by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, while the High Supervision and Construction Works Supervision have been entrusted to ITALFERR. The most complex and articulated project of the entire work is undoubtedly the Lonato Tunnel, entrusted to SELI OVERSEAS. It will be about 7 km long and will pass under the A4 freeway.

The demanding consolidation and foundation works have been entrusted to TREVI SPA. The small amount of overburden, in particular along the undercrossing of the A4 freeway and the buildings, imposed the decision to carry out consolidation prior to mechanized excavation, in order to minimize subsidence phenomena. When the work is completed, especially from the inside of A4, 40,000 linear meters of drilling and grouting will be carried out, using about 5 million litres of mixture. As of today, we are completing the intervention phase on A4, and the first results of the post-treatment tests show a clear improvement in the mechanical characteristics of the consolidated soils. Obviously, the continuation of the interventions will be subject to further post-treatment tests, which will be useful in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the grouting treatments.