Metro Manila Skyway: equipment used

Soilmec drilling rigs used by Trevi Philippines for the Metro Manila Skyway project have been: SR-100, SC-100, SA-40, R-930, R-625, R-618 and SR-70.

From a geological point of view, Metro Manila lies on a layer of consistent tuff, locally known as Adobe, on which the recent alluvial sediments rest, with strong side heterotopias. Given its length, the project Skyway3 crosses areas where the layer of the sedimentary surface has a very variable thickness. Based on said geological heterogeneity, piles were executed with the use or not of bentonite mud, depending on the depth of the tuff base. Generally speaking, section 1 and 2, in the southern part of the Pasig River, required the use of bentonite, while section 3 and 4 allowed carrying out dry piles because the tuff layer is consistent, almost outcropping.