Mosul Dam, 5 million hours worked without accidents

Mosul Dam jobsite

Trevi Group reached an extraordinary safety goal it never achieved before. A remarkable result developed in difficult working conditions.

The stabilization of Mosul Dam through drilling and grouting works commenced in 2016. The near war conflict with ISIS, the security and logistic constraints, as well as the tough environmental conditions of some working areas, made this Project very challenging since the beginning.

Despite all those hindrances and the stringent technical specifications of the Project, the 700 workers deployed by Trevi from a dozen of different countries, operated professionally and safely through 24-7 operations, allowing the achievement of 5,000,000 man-hours worked with no lost time accidents.

This great achievement is the result of the commitment and efforts made by Trevi since the beginning of the Project, guiding all workers to improve their responsiveness towards the culture of safety at the construction site.

This successful pathway commenced with training classes on Personal Protective Equipment, Risk Management and Accident Prevention, allowing the personnel to face the field works more knowledgeable about the value of working safely.

The Project availed the professional support of Trevi Group - Foundations Technology Academy (FTA), providing teachers to engage the workers into Safety matters for several hours.

Project Safety Key Figures:

  • Safety audit No. 177
  • Safety inspections No. 328
  • Risk Assessment No. 40
  • Toolbox 34,969 hours
  • HSE Training 2,908 hours
  • HSE Department 2 Managers and 15 Inspectors

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Contract, QC, HSE and Construction Administrator - acknowledged the achievement through a site ceremony held on 20 October 2018.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, well-known in the whole world for its demanding HSE requirements, made Trevi and its workers prouder for the goal achieved.

Trevi confirmed its capability to play important roles also in high-standard Projects; thanks its technological successes, as well as for teaching its workers the value of life without compromising quality and performance.