The Chacao Bridge

The Chacao Bridge in Chile will be among the most important  crossing bridges in South America. It will connect the island of Chiloe to the mainland thanks to its total length of about 2,750 m.

Trevi Chile Spa, the Chilean subsidiary of  Trevi SpA, will lay the foundation piles on which the bridge will be built.

For the in-water foundation works of the North and Central Pylons,  drilled shaft foundations with a 2.5 m diameter will be carried out, along with permanent  steel casings to be embedded on the top, in the pile caps, extending into the excavations drilled into the sea floor. The  pile casing and the longitudinal pile reinforcing steel cage are used to resist the lateral loads resulting from seismic phenomena, vessel impact and other design requirements. Besides meeting the structural demands, steel casings allow the construction of cast-in-place reinforced concrete piles in water, at depths of up to 25 m.