The MATOC Task Order #2 project, part of the Herbert Hoover Dike Rehabilitation

The MATOC Task Order #2 project is part of the Herbert Hoover Dike Rehabilitation of the Levee system around Lake Okeechobee. It cover a Section of over 7.0 miles of Lake Okeechobee between Clewiston and Moore Haven, FL.

The Contract for TREVIICOS started on July 2019 and included the installation of approx. 1.8 million SF of Cutoff Wall. The cutoff was installed using two different technologies: Installation of Conventional Cutoff Wall (“CCOW”) by SHS by hudromill and Jet Grouting Cutoff Wall (“JGCOW”) with pre-drilling. The JGCOW connected the CCOW with the existing structures located at different location within the project site.

The cutoff wall was successfully completed in March 2022 while the phases of work part of TREVIICOS project scope are currently being performed with estimated completion in late 2022, ahead of the original plan.