Treviicos awarded for the contract for the installation of the cutoff wall for the Boone Dam Internal Erosion Remediation Project

The program related to the Boone Dam Internal Erosion Remediation Project, included five components: low mobility grouting, high mobility grouting, stability berms, cutoff wall, crest floodwall. 

After the completion of the enabling grouting works, in 2018 the Treviicos-Nicholson Joint Venture was awarded the contract for the installation of the cutoff wall. With the working platform at approximately elevation 1,400 feet and the bottom elevation of the cutoff wall as low as 1,230 feet, the wall has a depth of approximately 170 feet, and is formed by a single row of secant piles installed through embankment, foundation soils, and rock; including tie-in of wall on sloping face of existing concrete dam.