Works at the dam
Works at the dam

Works in the Mosul dam

The works inside the tunnel continue

Trevi staff is carrying out a very complex task at the Mosul Dam in Iraq under the coordination of the US Army Corps of Engineers Mosul Dam Task Force and in collaboration with partner companies Seli and Drafinsub. The persistent political instability of the country – worsened in recent years by the conflict with the Isis militias – has in fact prevented an adequate maintenance of the dam, which is currently at highly structural risk and therefore needs massive restoration, whose contract was assigned to Trevi by the Iraqi government. “The Mosul dam is safe and the Italian company Trevi is doing its job professionally.” This is the judgment given to Iraqi television “Al Sumaria” by Riad Adnan, director of the dam. Adnan added that the rumors about a possible collapse of the dam (spreaded in the last months) are “erroneous and unfounded” because the structure is completely safe and the Italian company Trevi is proceeding with the consolidation of the structure by mortar injiections (as stated in the contract). “The Italian company is working professionally in coordination with Iraqi personnel to consolidate all the parts that need it,” said Adnan. “The potential capacity of the dam is 11 billion cubic meters of water and now the basin is filled with 6 billion cubic meters, with a power of 200 cubic meters per second.” The director also stated that heavy rains in recent days did not affect areas close to the plant.

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