Bridges & Causeways Trevi spa
Bridges & Causeways Trevi spa

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Bridges & Causeways

Nowadays, technological evolution is driving the construction of impressive bridges that are increasingly daring in terms of length, height, slenderness and building time. In the wake of these escalating goals the foundation construction industry is striving to push the envelope to cope with the increasing challenges deriving from this “new bridge era”.

Within this context, the presence of the Trevi Group in the bridge sector is really significant, especially in the light of a long tradition, which dates back to more than half a century. Spanning from piles installation onshore and offshore to soil/rock consolidation,

Trevi works turn out to be always crucial to the success of any kind of bridge or causeway projects considering that foundations represent the first milestone of the process.

With the involvement in almost 300 projects worldwide, like Chacao Bridge (Chile), Cebu Cordova Link ExpressWay (Philippines), Causeway Project (Kuwait), Vasco Da Gama Bridge (Portugual)…just to mention a few, Trevi has consolidated its technical and technological leadership in the execution of special foundation works for any type of bridge.

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