50th Anniversary for the Trevi Group

25 Jun 2008

For 50 years, the world's Foundation Engineering Industry has had a remarkable leader in its never-ceasing research for new technological solutions: TREVI.
This company has been always characterised by its commitment to continuous studies, development, innovation, wide experience and ever-increasing aim at reaching the best quality. These features are then combined to a wise entrepreneurial tradition, capable of going towards the various requests from the sector and different cultures it mingles with. This Leadership consists of careful analysis and concrete practice, modern productive and efficient plants, attention to the environment, hard working, curious and expert professionals, carried on by multinational teams of persons linked by ingenuity, common values and passions.

TREVI Group is today one of the worldwide leaders both in the field of foundation engineering and both in the design and the manufacturing of advanced specialized equipment for foundation works (under the trade of Soilmec), and in the hydrocarbon drilling industry (through the trade of Drillmec).

The Group is extremely dynamic and consolidated in the instruments owned so far, but it is always aimed at researching new approaches and solutions in order to face the complexity of the worldwide ground civil engineering industry.

Entrepreneurial tradition and determination to invest capitals and human resources: this is the winning balance, supported by a series of strong points upon which the Group has built its own success. Among these, the capability of operating on various scenarios, then sharing experience with other cultures and engineering disciplines, and the flexibility in the management of human resources thanks to the continuous professional updating of the staff creating a positive and stimulating working environment,

50th Anniversary for the Trevi Group, and also 10th Anniversary of TREVIICOS Corp. the specialist company operating in the Unites States. Quite a young experience compared with the mother company, but already developed into a protagonist in the Nation's ground engineering industry having positively performed some of the challenging projects in the last decade; as example, most of the underground works for the Central Artery in Boston, Mass, the Ohio Stadium Renovation Project, rehabilitation of the W.F. George Dam in Alabama, the seismic retrofit for the Webster-Posey Tubes, Oakland, CA, Tuttle Creek Dam rehabilitation, Kansas and the retaining walls for the Tower Two of the W.T.C. Project, New York.

TREVI Group targets: Technology, quality, efficiency, specialisation and flexibility. Always devoted to the Customer satisfaction.

Since 1999 TREVI Group has been listed in the Milan Stock Exchange (TFI:MI).