26 Oct 2009

For the past 18 months, Trevi has been hard at work driving around 9,000 steel piles up to 32 metres deep into the ground. Now they have nearly completed their work and will soon be able to look back on a job done well and done safely.

“An integral part of our success has been our Angolan work force”, says Stefano Margozzi, Trevi’s project manager, who recently gathered everyone together after work for a team photo. “We completed our work ahead of schedule and worked more than 250,000 hours without a lost time accident, but it is our relationship with our Angolan workers that has been one of the most important and memorable aspects of our work here in Soyo”.

“Many of our Angolan workers started with us as general helpers in April 2008. Since then, many have earned their certifications as welders, mechanics and rig assistants. A certification as rig assistant from Trevi’s head office in Italy is quite special, as there are only a relatively small number of workers around the world qualified to work in that position”.

As a measure of just how important the contribution of their Angolan workers has been to Trevi success, Trevi has already asked several of them to continue with the team and move with them to Luanda for their next project.

From The Soyo Sun, Bechtel’s Newsletter for the Angola LNG Project