COVID-19: new measures and actions taken by Trevi Group

19 Mar 2020

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting everyone's life. In this situation, which is unprecedented in modern history, the Trevi Group has put the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, partners and all our stakeholders first.

Following the press release issued on 11 March 2020, in which we gave account of the initiatives implemented by the Management to prevent and secure the entire structure, with this communication, we would like to inform you about what has been further implemented within the various Divisions of the Trevi Group.

First, a special team was set up to closely monitor the development of the situation and its effects, in order to implement plans aimed at minimizing business interruptions and guaranteeing the best possible result in the interest of our people and customers.

Among the new measures and actions taken, we mention:

- Sanitization interventions in factories and offices. Once a week a massive intervention is carried out with an air blow sanitizing gun inside all Soilmec and Trevi plants (less bulky instruments are used for the PSM plant in Asolo), while every two/three days other types of more detailed interventions are performed. As for the offices of Trevifin, Trevi and Soilmec, an external company performs sanitization every day.

- Closure of the canteen and changing rooms. The changing room and the canteen are closed, as jointly decided with the Unified Trade Union

Representatives and the Employee’s Safety Representatives of Soilmec. Employees are provided with meals in special takeaway packages.

- Respect for distances and supply of prevention aids. To ensure compliance with the standards, starting from the safety distances, the employees employed in the production unit were reduced by 50% and provided with all the necessary prevention aids (masks, gloves and glasses).

- Smart Working. Almost all Trevi, Trevifin and Soilmec employees have been at home in a smart working regime for a couple of weeks. To better support work from home, the company has launched the #IoMiFormoACasa project that consists of a weekly newsletter with information and training in a nutshell on four main topics: technique, communication, people and company.

- Shipment of rigs and technical support. Based on the above measures, the current shipment calendar of the Soilmec rigs is reconfirmed. The continuity of the technical support is also guaranteed through the most modern means of communication.

The Executive Board

Cesena, 19 March 2020