02 Jul 2018

Bogotà, June 11-23. The Training course named “Curso de capacitacion Operadores”, held from June 11th to 23th for 27 operators by Trevi Galante S.A. (Colombia), was focussed on Bored Piles and Diaphragm Walls performed by mechanical cable grabs. The 2-weeks training course in Spanish was intended to update the operators on safety, quality controls, maintenance rules and operating techniques. The teachers also raised awareness of the safe use of lifting equipment and loads handling and revised the verticality control procedures used to dig with the rope grabs.

The topics were developed in class through presentations, videos and drawings, but above all the students spent most of the time in the job sites, working and digging alongside the teachers. As a practical course based on training on the job, it aimed to give lessons immediately usable.

The 27 students attending targeted training programs appreciated the expertise and the training ability of the Trevi instructors, their deep knowledge of the ground engineering business, the strong communication and interpersonal skills and the passion for continuous learning. Trevi Galante thanks the Training team: Danilo Fusaroli (Trevi expert operator), Juan Carlos Galante and Antonio Caroli (Safety and Maintenance teachers) and Tommaso Gondolini (FTA Technical Training Specialist).

The course is part of a broader training project started two years ago with the training of mechanics, then continued with the site managers training and concluded this year with this upgrade for operators. Congratulations to Trevi Galante and its team, who strongly wanted to invest in training.