23 Aug 2011

TREVI division, specialized in ground engineering services, won a new contract for the execution of special foundations and consolidation works for the CITYRINGEN METRO PROJECT of Copenhagen from the Copenhagen Metro Team, a consortium of Italian companies headed by Salini Costruttori, which will carry out one of the most modern urban transport infrastructures of the world.

The project involves the design and the construction of the special foundations for the 17 stations of the new metro section. More specifically, for this type of project, important machinery produced by the Soilmec division will be utilized. In particular the job will involve the use of a new generation of hydromills ideal for diaphragms walls of underground stations. Drilling and injections works will be carried out additionally for the soil consolidation required for the transit of the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) which will excavate the underground tunnels.

The Trevi division will utilize advanced technological solutions that will have the lowest environmental impact safeguarding and prioritizing safety considering that the works will be carried out in particular and highly populated areas. The total value of the project will have an estimated value of about 90 million Euro and will last about 36 months.

Copenhagen has one of the most advanced transport systems in Europe. The Cityringen project will carry out a new metro line in the city center that will consist of two 16km long tunnels and 17 new stations, at 30 meters below ground level. From a technical point of view the project is extremely complex due to the fact that the city is at sea level. The metro line will be fully automated and will operate 24 hours a day, with a minimum frequency of 100 seconds, guaranteeing efficient mobility for 130 million passengers a year.

Mr Stefano Trevisani, Chief Executive Officer, commented: “The outcome of this competitive tender marks an important contribution for the Group in the European infrastructural market and it is a confirmation of our business model, which sees involved the synergies among the two divisions. (mechanical and services) The Trevi Group was awarded the complex job of special foundations providing the best technologies needed when carrying out the job.”