15 Dec 2018

There will be four skyscrapers in the heart of Frankfurt built with a concept that is unique in Europe. The former Deutsche Bank area between Großer Gallusstraße, Junghofstraße and Neue Schlesingergasse is now open to the public and connected with the city center again.
The company TREVI was entrusted with special foundation works. Said works include the construction of trenches by means of the diaphragm wall method. To prepare for this, the trench wall line must be eliminated by removing the remaining concrete elements after the demolition is carried out by using rotary drill rigs.
The foundation of the skyscrapers is similar to a KPP foundation, for which a production of about 380 pieces of large diameter bored piles is required, with diameters up to 2.0m. Due to space restrictions, the client decided to build the basements using the so-called "top down construction method".Furthermore, TREVI is responsible for the construction of the drainage system.

Construction works began in October 2018 and the special foundation works are expected to continue until autumn 2020.