12 Nov 2014

From the straightening of the Costa Concordia to the consolidation of the Tower of Pisa, from the restoration of the temples of Abu Simbel to the consolidation of the niches of the Bamiyan Buddhas, from the freezing of the ground for the recovery of the Ara Pacis in Rome right up to the large-scale projects of hydropower plants around the world ... these are just some of the great challenges the Italian geotechnical engineering has faced and successfully solved in the past few years. The challenge now will move no less than to the space!

In fact, the "Rosetta Mission", promoted by the "European Space Agency" will aim at sampling the nucleus of a comet and take some samples from the planet Mars through a unique core drill. The historic Milanese company Rodio of the Trevi Group contributed to the design of this special drill rig, which highlights the technical level achieved in the field by the Italian group that is already a leading company in the field of foundation engineering.

The participation of the Trevi Group company in the Rosetta project involved the design and construction of a prototype (Sas-1m) for the sampling of the subsurface of a comet and of Mars. The collaboration of Rodio with the Politecnico of Milan, with Tecnospazio and ESA dates back to the early nineties, when the Rosetta project was in its early stages with the ambitious goal of reaching a comet. It shows the level of technical development achieved in the field of geotechnical investigation and geotechnical engineering.