20 May 2013

The International Meeting of the Trevi Group was held a few days ago in Cesena, at the Convention Room of the Exhibition Centre.

For two days (Thursday 16th and Friday 17th) the International network of the Group (Trevi, Soilmec, Drillmec, Petreven and Trevi Energy) met in a convention in order to reflect on the theme of Accountability. Most of the interventions and also workshops developed around this theme.

From the United States to Nigeria, from England to the Philippines, from Argentina to the UAE, from Venezuela to Canada, from Algeria to China, from Sweden to Turkey, more than 150 people, including branch directors, sales managers and administrative managers reached Cesena in order to meet, work together and share the strategies for the next two years.

Trevi Group has an international network, including direct subsidiaries and distributors, which is extremely articulated and now covers almost 90 countries. It’s present in each of the 5 continents, and in some areas such as the African and South American one, it can boast an historical and consolidated presence since the beginning of the seventies.