20 Jan 2014

TREVI will perform civil works and special foundations for infrastructure projects in West Africa and in Asia. The works, in particular, provide for the execution of bored piles onshore and offshore involving the use of innovative equipment for special foundations produced by the Soilmec division.

TREVIICOS, a subsidiary of the TREVI Group in the USA, has been awarded a series of special foundations works in New Orleans, Florida, Washington D.C. and Boston. Works will include ground consolidation & safety, installation of tie-rods for the construction of infrastructure and diaphragm walls. These new contracts confirm the capability of the company to acquire technologically complex projects in historical areas of the United States.

In the Middle East TREVI has been awarded several contracts for infrastructural works relative to ground consolidation for new highways and high-rise buildings for commercial and residential use.

The CEO of TREVI Group Stefano Trevisani commented: "The acquisition of these new orders in areas of historical interest confirm the customers’ appreciation towards the Group and the ability to execute complex projects. The newly acquired works in the United States demonstrate the positive trends to be registered again this year in the infrastructural sector. West Africa and the Middle East, once again, prove to be areas of significant development, as there seems to be a gradual recovery in demand for civil works in the region. This year, the infrastructure sector as a whole proves to be very interesting and there are new civil works projects that require the intervention of highly technologically equipped operators such as the TREVI Group. We remain well positioned both geographically and commercially to increase the volume of our business and to provide greater added value to company."