12 Dec 2012

TREVIICOS, a subsidiary of the TREVI Group in the USA, has been awarded as subcontractor a contract for special foundations works at a strategically important location of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the State of Nebraska. Works will include ground consolidation & safety, installation of tie-rods for the construction of infrastructure and diaphragm walls. The equipment utilized will be that of the Soilmec division and in particular the innovative "Cougar" hydromill designed specifically for the execution of complex diaphragm walls. This new contract is one of the first carried out by TREVIICOS in the State of Nebraska and confirms the capability of the company to acquire technologically complex projects in new areas of the United States.

TREVI S.p.A. will perform civil works and special foundations for the construction of a bridge and the revamping of certain infrastructure in West Africa. The contract, in particular, provides for the execution of bored piles onshore and offshore to a depth of 70 meters and will involve the use of innovative equipment for special foundations produced by the Soilmec division.

In the Middle East TREVI S.p.A. has been awarded several contracts for infrastructural works relative to ground consolidation for a new railway line, refurbishment of a pier and construction of several viaducts.

The CEO of TREVI Group Stefano Trevisani commented: “The recent contracts awarded in the United States, which represents one of our key markets, confirm the appreciation of historical clients with respect to the Group and its ability to execute projects at the state of the art. West Africa and the Middle East, once again, prove to be areas of significant opportunities and during the course of the year we were able to acquire several small to medium size orders. We remain focused on exploring new important scenarios which can provide added value to the Group.