03 Jul 2012

The TREVI division, specialized in ground engineering services, through its foreign subsidiary TREVIICOS Inc. in JV with a strategic partner, reached a major milestone at the Wolf Creek Dam in Nashville, Kentucky with the installation of the 433rd and final panel of the protective concrete embankment wall. The works carried out are part of the large Foundation Remediation Project of the US Corps of Engineers.

The completion of the Protective Concrete Embankment Wall (PCEW) finalizes a major stage of construction that is crucial for the final stage of construction of the main barrier wall. The PCEW is a six-foot wide and up to 230 feet deep concrete wall that stems down to the top of the rock extending 3,800 feet along the length of the embankment. The principal purpose is that of protecting the embankment while the main barrier is being built.

The safe completion, without any complications, of this particular part of the project represents a major accomplishment both for the technologies and the project management skills employed in coordinating the large number of machinery on the operating platforms. The installation of the main barrier wall continues and more than 70 percent of the concrete piles have been successfully completed. These piles extend up to 275 feet deep through the embankment and into the limestone to close openings in the rock and cut off seepage.

TREVIICOS achieved another milestone this month reaching 920,000 man-hours without an accident. This represents an absolute ground breaking record both for the scope and complexity of this project which represents the largest and most difficult foundation remediation project in the world to this day.

Stefano Trevisani, CEO of TREVI Group stated: “The achievement of this important milestone represents a significant testimony of the technological excellence of TREVI Group. The execution of this project continues to be an integral part of the project management skills brought forward by the Group in executing large and complex contracts. Work is being carried out successfully with the highest standard of safety registering the most efficient rates of production. We are absolutely pleased to provide the best services and technology in the industry and strive to continue the successful execution of this important and broad project of the US Corps of Engineers”.