22 Sep 2014

The Trevi division, specialized in ground engineering services, has recently been awarded new contractsin various countries totaling about 135 million USD in Africa, Far East, South America and Middle East.

The contracts relate mainly to infrastructure projects such as metros, river and sea ports, bridges and viaducts, industrial complexes, and Real Estate Developments. Most orders are characterized by a high technological content and have been acquired both thanks to the over fifty years of experience of TREVI as well as to the foresight of using the most modern machinery produced by Soilmec.

Trevi has also signed a master agreement with an important international private partner of the maritime infrastructure sector for the construction of a marine complex in Africa for a total value of approximately USD 380 million. The work is part of a project for the African infrastructure development which will increase significantly the logistical capacity of the region to meet the strong demand resulting from sea trade and from the oil industry. The activities of design and construction will be carried out in several phases and completed in 2022. For many years, Trevi Group has proven its excellent execution by completing with success numerous works in the field of port infrastructure providing primary customers its expertise in the engineering of special foundations and ground consolidation.

The CEO of Trevi Group Stefano Trevisani commented: "The signing of this Master Agreement in Africa worth USD 380 million confirms the global leadership of Trevi Group in the field of special foundations applied to maritime works. It is a contract of considerable importance and one of the largest ever carried out by the Group. We are very pleased to be able to take part in this important project for the development of this continent and we are confident that this agreement will provide a long-term visibility to our core business. Trevi Group also continues to acquire new orders in areas of historical interest. Awards in South America, the Middle East and Africa include the construction of road infrastructure, real estate developments and industrial installations related to energy development. The infrastructure sector as a whole continues to be very interesting and there are additional civil works projects. We remain well positioned both geographically and commercially to increase the volume of our business and to provide greater added value to company".