13 Jul 2015

Trevi Spa si è recentemente aggiudicata nuove ed importanti commesse per opere infrastrutturali in Nord Africa e in Estremo Oriente per un valore complessivo di circa 115 milioni di Euro.

Trevi Spa has been awarded important contracts in North Africa and in the Far East totaling about 115 million Euro.

In Algeria, Trevi was conferred the final contract for geotechnical works for two extensions of the current "Metro Algiers" system for a total of 11.9 kilometers of new tracks; 11 underground stations have been designed and will be developed for this project.

With these new extensions the "Metro Algiers" system will also reach the international airport of El Harrach in the capital, and will give a substantial boost to the use of public transportation in operation since 2011.

This new award is very significant if we consider that Trevi has operated in recent years for the geotechnical works of all the existing sections of "Metro Algiers" bringing the most advanced and specialized techniques with full satisfaction of the customer.

Trevi was also awarded a contract in the Philippines for the construction of an urban motorway viaduct (Skyway) with 6 lanes and a total length of about 14 km located in Metro Manila.
Skyway represents one of the most important and complex infrastructure projects of the Philippines of the last decade and will be carried out in complex logistical and geotechnical conditions. The new urban motorway flyover will divide the congested city of Metro Manila in half and 8 junctions will be developed for this purpose.

Trevi will lastly be involved in the realization of special foundations works for the residential project "Empire East-Kasara" in the Philippines. Various residential towers will be built for luxury apartments that will represent an exquisite combination of modern architecture and nature.

The CEO of TREVI Division, Stefano Trevisani, commented – "We are very satisfied with the recent acquisitions of the division Trevi. The awarding of these contracts and the acquisitions of the prior weeks amount to approximately 200 million Euro that are to be added to an already substantial order intake. The demand for special fo undations from these geographic areas shows a very positive trend in the construction market. The award of the entirety of the foundation works of the subway of Algiers and the awarding of the Skyway project in the Far East are clear examples of how the company's reputation and the exemplary track record in the works ensures the development and continuity of this division".