Forrestfield Airport Link project
Forrestfield Airport Link project

Trevi Australia - Forrestfield Airport Link project update

07 Feb 2020

On January 2017, Trevi Australia started working for the Forrestfield Airport Link project in Perth, Western Australia.

The project consists of an 8.5 km rail extension that runs through 2 underground tunnels beneath the Swan River and #PerthAirport, providing a much-needed public transport link to the airport and a 20-minute rail journey from Perth’s eastern suburbs to the city.

The works Trevi Australia performed were related to the soil consolidation for the construction of the cross passages for the new underground rail link. For three cross passages located under the Perth Airport, where restricted access makes other technologies impractical, Artificial Ground Freezing was adopted for the soil consolidation.

Works are currently ongoing and the completion of ground freezing works is expected in the first quarter of the year.