09 Jul 2009

Archer Western / Alberici JV in alliance with TREVIICOS, was awarded the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) contract for the preconstruction services and construction option(s) for Levee Improvements to the New Orleans East Back Levee, Reach LPV 111 in Orleans Parish, LA.

The Contract Award Amount for the J.V. is expected to be US$ 298 mil., of which Trevi Icos portion is estimated to be over US$ 100 mil. The “LPV111” is critical to the Hurricane Storm Damage Risk Reduction System. Reach “LPV 111” is an earthen levee extending more than 5 miles.

This project involves raising these levees to the 100-year level of risk reduction, after the restoration done to the existing elevation following extensive degradation from Hurricane Katrina, as well as constructing new T-wall to a new protection elevation. TREVIICOS will be responsible for the installation of an anticipated 1,800,000cy of Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) required to strengthen the foundation in order to accomplish the embankment construction while keeping the footprint of the levee within the existing right of way.

“This new acquisition, together with the important Dam Rehabilitation projects currently ongoing, brings the backlog of TREVIICOS above the $300M mark and confirms the Trevi Group good reputation in the US and in particular in front of the USACE - said our Managing Director Stefano Trevisani - This is one of the first contracts awarded in New Orleans area for Levee Improvement after Hurricane Katrina, and is part of a multiyear Federal Government Investment Plan, whose total estimated amount is US$ 18 billion for the region. We are also particularly pleased for this assignment because this type of contract recently adopted by the USACE foresees the contractors involvement in the engineering and design phases of the project and it’s a good opportunity for TREVI to contribute with its vast range of technologies”.