Chacao Channel Bridge
Chacao Channel Bridge

Trevi Chile: Safety Award for the project Puente Chacao

25 Nov 2019

Trevi Chile Spa, the Chilean subsidiary of Trevi SpA, a world leader in the foundation and soil consolidation works, was granted the "Safety Award" by the "Comité Paritario de faena proyecto" (the government body in charge of the health and safety checks in the workplace) for "the constant commitment and the never-ceasing participation in the care and well-being of its workers" in relation to the foundation works for the new Chacao Bridge.

The Chacao Bridge, an impressive and strategic work strongly pursued by the Chilean government in order to connect the great Island of Chiloé to the South American continent, bypassing the Chacao Channel, will be the longest suspension bridge in South America and among the longest ones in the world thanks to its 2.6 km length.

The bridge has three reinforced concrete towers (two towers are 179.6 m high while the south tower is 160.77 m high), two main spans that are 1055 m and 1100 m long and a suspended span that is 380 m long. It was planned as having two one-way lanes on each side and designed to last 100 years, resistant to winds of over 220 km/h as well as to strong sea currents.

Trevi Chile Spa is working on the construction of foundation works at sea and bored piles with a 2500 mm wide diameter, at a 75 m depth, under very complicated weather conditions.

Thanks to the great experience gained in over 60 years of onsite work and the multitude of projects carried out in extremely challenging situations, Trevi has acquired the ability to successfully face complex challenges both from a technological and environmental point of view, always paying great attention and taking care of the safety of its workers.

This is pointed out by the awards recently received by USACE for the 5 million hours worked without accidents at the Mosul Dam in Iraq and for the 1,500 million hours worked without accidents at the "Shuaibah III Expansion II Desalination R.O. Plant" project in Saudi Arabia."



Stefano Margozzi, Corporate QHSE Manager of TREVI S.P.A., commented on the award:

This recognition obtained in Chile, in my quality as HSE manager of the Trevi Group, makes me really proud.

This is because obtaining such an important result in a complex and difficult project like the construction of the Puente Chacao, makes up for the considerable efforts made by the company and all its workers over the past years. The passion, motivation and involvement displayed by Trevi in ​​recent years has led to a significant improvement in the numbers related to occupational safety. For some years now, we have been using unconventional tools and languages ​​when we talk about safety at work, with the aim of innovating and creating a culture of safety we must stick to at all times and everywhere, i.e., at work, at home or in the car.

The Safety Award received in Chile is the last of a series of awards we were granted in 2019, among which I would like to highlight the one bestowed by USACE for the 5 Million hours we worked without accidents in the Mosul Dam Project in Iraq.”