09 Jun 2010

Trevi S.p.A., which specialises in engineering work on foundations has signed a number of contracts which are significant both in terms of the technology to be applied in the projects and the scale of the work involved in the context of the Italian market.

The first contract, worth € 31 million, involves work on the foundations and ground consolidation for the High Speed section of the Florence railway junction which will be built by the NODAVIA consortium (established by Coopsette and Ergon). For Trevi S.p.A. this not only represents one of the largest contracts acquired in Italy but is also a highly prestigious contract owing to the infrastructural importance of the work involved. Trevi S.p.A. is moreover engaged in the final stages of the infrastructural work relating to the rail traffic flow improvements (bypass) of the same project, which began a couple of years ago.

The technological advances made in directional drilling have also led to the awarding of work currently in progress aimed at permanently securing the site of national interest in Manfredonia, the site of an RSU (Solid Urban Waste) landfill where Trevi S.p.A. is involved in the construction of an impermeable screen around the perimeter and along the base of the site. This is the first time in Italy that this kind of eco-environmental problem has been tackled using this type of technical solution, which will protect the water table from contamination by sealing it off from potential pollution through seepage from the landfill site.

Trevi technology has also been chosen in another extremely delicate case involving the historic centre of the city of Parma where the local council intends to build automated car parks over the coming years in order to increase the availability of parking spaces and, at the same time, improve the quality of urban life. TREVI S.p.A., using its innovative TREVIPARK technology ( which has already been successfully applied in several other Italian cities (Rome, Turin, Bologna, Milan, Brescia, Cesena, etc.), will be responsible for building the first of Parma’s planned new parking sites.

Cesare Trevisani, Managing Director of Trevi S.p.A., stated: "The acquisition of these latest contracts is confirmation that even in a market as competitive and tough as the Italian market, the Trevi Group continues to be the point of reference for this type of operation and for any work that requires the most advanced technology and experience, but which above all also demands guaranteed results, respect for the environment and reliable completion times".