27 Sep 2018

From 21st to 24th August 2018, eight experienced Trevi operators took part in the "Updating course for hydromill operators on the new Soilmec machines" organized by Trevi and FTA (Foundation Technology Academy) that was carried out with the cooperation of Soilmec.

During the four-day training, that coincided with the Islamic Easter holiday - therefore taking advantage of the break in the Arabic construction sites - participants had the opportunity to study the single elements of the rigs before their assembling in the production line, along with explanations and comments made by Soilmec technicians.

The general update covered all new equipment produced, the ordinary maintenance operations required and the use of the DMS on board.

Some lessons were especially dedicated to the safe boom assembly and to the correct use of ropes and plumbing.

Trevi operators had the opportunity to test the a Tiger hydromill that was at work in the new test field of the Trevigroup headquarters, whilst digging a real panel.

Trevi participants especially enjoyed the meeting held with Soilmec designers, since it was possible to discuss opinions, proposals and ideas for the development and improvement of the rigs, thus directly connecting designers and end users of the equipment.

A document summing up everything that was exchanged in the debate was drawn up in order to share the results of this collaboration between Trevi and Soilmec.

A special thank goes to Trevi and Soilmec technicians who devoted their time, shared their experience and cooperated for the successful result of the training: Valentino Cicottelli, Pietro Fontana, Danilo Fusaroli, Tommaso Gondolini,  Antonio Ielpo and Paolo Tiezzi.