Bromma, Sweden

Project description

In 2019, a project was prepared to expand the Kista area, providing space for shopping centres and improving communication routes.
The project included: a new “Kistagren” tramway link to Bromma airport with all relevant stop stations and, on the property adjacent to the area of this intervention (H4), an expansion of the “Bromma Blocks” area with new multi-storey shopping centres.
In this latter context, ICA Fastigheter, together with NCC, developed a project to integrate the area with offices, hotels, maxi stores and other services in the “cross country plane” and HERCULES-TREVI Foundations AB was involved for a jet grouting operation with regard to the part concerning soil consolidation.

Owner ICA – NCC
Main Contractor NCC Sverige AB
Duration of work Feb-April 2019

Project details

The intervention consists in lowering the water level inside the area destined for new constructions, keeping it constant outside the same perimeter.
The operational choice was to carry out an impermeable bulkhead between the lower edge of the sheet piles and the rock, using monofluid jet grouting columns where the level of the rock substrate is over 4 m deep.
The diameter of the columns is 1000 mm and their spacing is 600 mm, with a depth varying between 4 - 3 - 14 m (average depth 9 m).

Quality controls

Throughout the duration of the site, checks were made on the materials and mixtures used, with preliminary tests on specific weight (daily check) and viscosity (daily check) and tests on each column during execution. 

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