Environmental Solutions
Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions

For the last few years TREVI has been working to meet this goal, through study, research and implementation in the environmental geo-engineering field.

Recent dramatic incidents have drawn attention to the problem of urban and industrial waste, which is the main cause of pollution of waterways and surrounding territories. The main objective is thus to isolate them from any potential source of pollution and afterwards remediate and rehabilitate the area. TREVI’s study and applied research focus on these issues.

Trevi, green oriented

The protection of the natural heritage is a strategic issue for the proper development of the modern world.

TREVI Group has gained considerable experience over the years in the field of contaminated sites remediation and in the isolation of pollution sources from the surrounding environmental compartment. At the same time, it is constantly engaged in the search of new solutions for reclamation and environmental protection, devoting itself to the study, research and application of new methods and technologies.
In fact, innovative systems have been developed for the removal of contaminants from water and soil (SGIBITI - Integrated Geotechnical System for In Situ Remediation of Polluted Soil), for the dredging and management of sediments (Sludge Buster) to be decontaminated and recycled and for the stabilization process of the sediments to be trasferred into confined deposits (sediment tanks or containment structures) or recycled.