Ground and Underground transportation
Ground and Underground transportation
Ground and Underground transportation
Ground and Underground transportation

Ground & Underground Transportation

Any modern country cannot but have safe and efficient traffic routes.

Bearing this in mind, TREVI works with dedication, technology and know-how in any project linking the world, in any work connecting countries, people and cultures. TREVI’s involvement in the construction of large rail, land, air and marine routes, enhancing the safest and most environmentally-friendly ones witnesses its leadership worldwide.

Trevi, the metro specialist

With the completion of almost 50 projects in every corner of the world, Trevi consolidates its technological and technical leadership in the execution of special foundation works for metros. 

The choice is almost unavoidable: either you use the underground or you have to fly! The surface, especially in big cities, doesn’t allow for much manoeuvring anymore.

The major factors driving change in large towns and their hinterlands - also in view of reducing the environmental impact of traffic on the surface - are: the great number of travellers moving to and fro every day, the poor growth of services and facilities ( also due to the policies linked to expenditure reduction), the rapid expansion of metropolitan areas and the boost of private transport.

Therefore, the transportation of people and goods in large metropolitan areas is probably the biggest challenge that policies and companies will have to face in the coming years. That is why the issues concerning local transportation, commuting and sustainable mobility are increasingly turning into the top items in the agenda of the new Administrations of large and medium cities.

For all these reasons, metro authorities have no option but to exploit underground spaces, building metro line after metro line and excavating deeper and deeper. 

Among the many metro projects carried out by Trevi, it is worth mentioning the following places where metros have been built: Algiers, Bangkok, Caracas, Milan, Leipzig, Naples, Rotterdam, Rome, Buenos Aires, Munich, Vienna, Singapore, Turin, Lagos, Nuremberg, Boston, Santo Domingo, Paris, Dubai, Cairo, Copenhagen and the very last project in Paris.


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