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In May 2016 the Torrigiani river wall underwent a structural collapse for 80 m length, causing a 3 m displacement towards the Arno river. Restoration works demanded great care because of the jobsite location positioned in the city centre, and due to tight schedule: the river wall had to be restored by early November.

The envisaged solution entailed the construction of a statically and hydraulically functional structure at the rear of the existing wall. This structure should completely replace the damaged river wall that will be consolidated and kept in the current position.

The wall’s structural consolidation was aimed at:

• ensuring the safety of Galleria Poggi and of the existing buildings;
• minimising pressures and stresses on the existing wall thus improving its stability; ensuring hydraulic protection against Arno river floods;
• restoring the water sewer and road traffic along the Lungarno.

Duration of work 139 days (July-November 2016)

Trevi intervention

Consolidation works, structural restoration and hydraulic protection had to be completed before winter, to avoid any risk of river floods. Trevi was awarded the contract under “urgent procedure”. Trevi was selected thanks to its long lasting experience in consolidation works and the ability to combine high operating capacity (personnel working 24/7 (on three shifts), and equipment made available at very short notice) with a strong design capacity.

The company’s Design, Research and Development (DRD) Department has been collaborating with the client’s engineers since the start of the project to the development of the design solutions. Given the urgency of the project, the DRD played a crucial role, since in the first phase of works, design activities and job site works had to be carried out almost simultaneously.

The operating sequence is based on the principle of “progressively increasing structural stability and safety” of both existing and ongoing structures so as to always work under acceptable safety conditions.

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