Trevi Foundations Philippines, Inc. is completing the installation of deep foundations for one of the most important and crucial road projects in the Republic of the Philippines, the Cebu - Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), which will directly connect the main industrial area of Cebu City to Mactan International Airport and the new rapidly developing areas of the city of Cordoba.

Trevi Foundation Philippines Inc. has already completed 358 piles out of a total of 477; 206 of the piles already performed are offshore and 152 onshore. In the coming months the company will complete the installation works for the deep foundations by building the remaining 119 piles, 10 of which are offshore and 109 onshore.

This project, costing about 500 million US dollars, will completely revolutionize road traffic between the islands of Cebu and Mactan, which are currently connected by two bridges continuously congested by vehicular traffic.

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