OUR DAMS - Emblematic structures built by Trevi Group

The Trevi Group presence in the dam sector has a very long tradition, which dates back to more than half a century.

Since 1953, year of the first intervention to the Pidima Buttress Dam in Greece, TREVI, worldwide leaders in dam construction and rehabilitation, have been committed to enhancing a crucial asset for mankind, that is water.

Water plays a major role in world economy. Dams have multiple functions: they are built to generate electrical power, to feed canals and irrigation and water supply systems, to rise rivers water level in order to make them navigable or control their level during high water and low water periods, to create freshwater reservoirs and artificial lakes.

The Trevi Group companies participated directly to more than 170 dam projects all over the world, covering all the underground specialized areas, from the initial phases of the preliminary investigations to the construction and the treatment of the foundations, until the remediation works in case of unsafe structures.