TREVI for Caviro in a new bottling wine facility

The project carried out by Trevi Spa for the new Caviro automated bottling warehouse involves, within two months, the casting of about 235 piles, with a diameter of 800 mm, realized through two different technologies: for the 12, 16 and 22 m piles the continuous flight auger technology (CFA), for the piles from 39 m depth the bored pile technology. Collaborating to the growth of a protagonist of the Italian wine scene (and not only) is an immense pleasure and a source of pride. CHEERS!

CAVIRO is a major cooperative in Italy consisting of 29 members, including 27 local wine cooperatives and 12,000 growers in 7 regions of Italy for a total of 35,200 hectares under vine.

CAVIRO was founded in 1966 with the mission of giving value to member-growers’ grapes whilst orienting them towards the production of varieties of interest, paying attention to quality with reduced environmental impact. With its subsidiaries Leonardo da Vinci spa and Cesari the group sells a complete range of Italian wines to almost 80 countries around the world and to all levels of consumer.