Skyway Stage 3 was the largest and most prominent project in the last few years in Philippines, from both a technical and logistical point of view.

Technical, because the largest diameter of the piles was 3500 mm with an average depth of 40 linear meters. Suffice it to say that it took 400 cubic meters of concrete to cast a single pile.

Logistic, because the route of the highway crosses the whole city of Metro Manila, with very huge traffic problems. The 18.83-kilometer-long route connects the North and South of Metro Manila with a traffic of 55,000 cars per day, which will reduce traffic on the main roads of the city of Manila.

During the construction of the elevated highway, new connections were made with the C3 motorway to eliminate self-loading traffic from the city streets. With its 45,153 meters of perforations, steel reinforcements installation with total weight of 44,315,764 KG and casted 255,160 cubic meters of concrete it is one of the largest projects ever carried out by Trevi Philippines.

In particular, it is involved in the construction of the underground stations of Le Bourget Airport, Aulnay and Saint-Denis Pleyel, as well as in a number of TBM launch shafts and intermediate service facilities.

In the video Masterig the Task, you will discover the works carried out by the Trevi staff told directly by the Project Managers' and Jobsite Managers' voices... Enjoy!